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Becoming a Co-op Member

Membership in the co-op provides the artist with many tangible benefits:

  • Full use of the facilities and equipment 24/7

  • Discounted supplies

  • Educational opportunities

  • Networking and community development

Membership Information / Pricing 

Interested in joining or using our facilities?

Contact us for details:

Full Co-op Membership is $60-65.00 per month and provides you with unlimited press/studio use 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 

  • As a member you will:​​

    • Attend our monthly co-op meeting, and make new artist networks!

    • Hold weekly shop hours (min 4 hrs per week or 16 hours per month)

    • Co-op volunteering, every 1-2 months co-op members engage in RDP event support at least once engaged in necessary co-op duties such as:

      • curator duties

      • housekeeping and maintenance

      • representing the co-op at exhibition openings

      • sitting gallery hours

      • grant writing, fund-raising, and public relations.

Temporary Memberships:


NOTE: If you are an artist that is interested in Printmaking, but you are not familiar with the techniques and processes, you may be interested in the services of a Printmaking Assistant. Please contact us for more information on this service.


​1. Affiliate Artist Memberships * (3-months)
*experienced printmakers and prior collaborators with RDP only

  • $120 (3-month membership) includes up to 12-hours of press time per month

  • $50 refundable key deposit

  • Shop Assistant (price upon request & availability)

  • BYOM: Bring your own materials, cleaning materials supplied

  • Limited storage space provided for ink/supplies, paper flat-file drawer ($10 for 3-months)

  • Affiliate Artists receive a discounted rate to rent RDP for teaching/workshop rental time (BYOM) 

2. ​Hourly Printmaking/Press Use (open to the public)

  • 4-hour minimum ($40) at $10/hr.

  • Shop assistant required ($20-50/hr based on level of support)

  • BYOM: Bring your own materials, cleaning materials provided

  • No storage space is provided for hourly printmaking use

Facilities  Include:

  • Five Presses: large format press (four feet wide) and three smaller format press

  • Workshop tables/flat files

  • Sinks/drying rack

  • Secure, air-conditioned building with on-site parking!

  • Areas for etching, screen printing, monotypes, and a darkroom

  • Materials and supplies: newsprint paper, tarlatan, etching solutions, and clean-up cloth

Support Red Delicious Press!

RDP is dependent on membership for both funding and volunteer labor. For those who wish to support RDP without shop time, Supporting Memberships are a suggested amount of $120/year and include additional benefits. Red Delicious Press is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation. Pay for all memberships here

If you wish to simply Donate to Red Delicious Press please see our donation page

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