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Create your own limited edition holiday cards!

Screen Printing Made Easy

with Dale Tanis

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Sunday, November 19th

10am - 4pm


Red Delicious Press,

9901 E 16th Ave,

Aurora, CO 80010


$40 Workshop Fee

(RDP Donation)

Application Details:

Application Opening Date 10/21/23


Application Closing Date


There are only 7 spots available for this workshop, so don't wait to sign up! But don't worry if you're a little late to the party. Once this workshop if full, this same workshop will be available on December 2nd!


Join us for a special screen printing workshop where you can create your very own holiday cards, as well as learn a fun screen printing technique you can use in your very own home!

Complete your application here!


In this workshop, you'll have the opportunity to work closely with local printmaker and Red Delicious Press member, Dale Tanis on a range of screen printing techniques, from learning 3 different types of stencil making, to getting the perfect registration for your prints, every time. And once the workshop is over, you'll leave with not only a complete edition of holiday cards, but a proverbial goodie bag of screen printing supplies and knowledge to use when you get home!

Workshop Details:

Once you've applied and paid the workshop fee, you will receive an email from Red Delicious Press with additional class information for your holiday card design, including multiple image ideas and a card design template for inspiration to help you create your holiday cards. 

Participants will need to bring additional supplies, including:

-2 Medium Mixing Bowls

-Terry Cloth Hand Towel

-Old Kitchen Sponges

-2 to 3 Old Gift Cards/Membership Cards

-Old Toothbrush

-2 Copies of Design to Work On

-Tape Gun (if you have one to share)

-Hair Dryer (if you have one to share)

-Extension Cord (if you have one to share)

-Can of Beans

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