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Audrey Mantooth

Audrey Mantooth is a mixed media artist and printmaker who focuses most of her work on environmental conservation, creating works that celebrate the beauty of nature and bring awareness to growing environmental concerns and conflicts. Her pieces are greatly influenced by her life-long love of animals and her natural and political surroundings of Colorado and her home state of Wisconsin. She often works with various techniques of printmaking, including relief, screen printing, and intaglio, but her creations sometimes lead her to work in a variety of media from watercolor and ink to digital design.

From an early age Audrey has been involved in her local artist communities and has focused her art on nature. Originally attending school for Illustration, Audrey fell in love with the printmaking process. And after studying the prints of master artists like Albrecht Dürer and Yoshida Hiroshi, she was inspired and went on to learn the art of printmaking, switching her major and later receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Print and Narrative Forms from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee.

Throughout her artistic career Audrey has dedicated herself to the pursuit of skill, precision, and coherence in her work, and believes in using art as a means to advocate change. In Colorado she has continued to work on these goals, exploring more printmaking styles and techniques and creating new environmentally based art, influenced not only by beautiful Colorado landscapes, but the current politically charged atmosphere surrounding environmental policy.

Audrey currently works out of Red Delicious Press in Aurora, CO as an active member and co president.​

You can find more of Audrey's work on Instagram @audreymantooth and at

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