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Michael Keyes
Artist Statement
Working at RDP has accelerated, as well as made enjoyable, the woodcut printmaking process for me. The facility, consisting of reliable relief and etching presses; work space for designing images, cutting and tearing paper to size, mixing inks, and drying racks, has streamlined an otherwise complex and daunting task.
   Two general styles of printmaking are popular today: traditional editions, and “monoprints.” Monoprints tend to be more spontaneous and quickly generated, but the traditional editions usually take more work, insuring at each step, that the process can be repeated a number of times, to produce an outcome of consistent completed prints.
   As a result of the working features of RDP, I have made a number of editions of woodcut prints, some black and white, some tonal, and some multi-color.
   The space is large enough for a few people to work there at the same time, and keep a safe social distance. It is comfortable and well-ventilated. Daytime lighting is ample, making the workplace pleasant.
   So, although the printmaking process itself is somewhat slow and complex, with patience and determination, and a well-equipped workspace such as Red Delicious Press, a printmaker can produce profoundly enjoyable works of art.
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